Isolation for Promotion

It was hard for me to isolate myself the first year of full time entrepreneurship but my future success depended on it. I didn’t hang out with friends. I rarely talked on the phone. My focus was on building the business and friends who had an issue with me managing my time better proved not to be true friends. Instead of being upset I can’t meet you for dinner, why not bring lunch to my office and check on me? Why not pay for a massage? Why not ask how you can help ease my load and donate your time? I learned a lot about myself but more importantly I learned a lot about people I spent way too much time with who I considered friends. If you aren’t ready for your friendships to evolve, stay average.

During my period of isolation I NEVER neglected my family and for real sho nuf friends. My family stopped calling me because they knew I was busy. I made sure I still called them everyday. I allocated time every single day to talk to certain people. Everyone else got voicemail. I know this sounds rude, insensitive, etc…..but my favorite Bible passage is about Jesus getting in a boat to go to the other side to escape the crowd. If Jesus needed to isolate Himself, why don’t YOU?

1st Annual Pajamas & Pearls Sleepover

The first annual Pajamas & Pearls Sleepover was a success. My BIGGEST takeaway from last week’s event is “you are not alone”. A lot of times we think we’re the only ones dealing with certain situations but believe me when I tell you, “you are not alone”. Be willing to share your story, support someone who is struggling, and extend a listening ear. You never know what goes on behind a smile.